Co-op Christmas

Co-op Christmas

Our first integrated campaign for Co-op was an all singing, all dancing, all eating Christmas extravaganza.

We brought community groups from across the UK together to perform Tender by Blur. There was a pensioner’s choir, a rugby team, urban beat boxers, a 93-year-old ukulele player and a Manchester reggae act. All proceeds from this much loved single were donated to the Co-op Foundation. It also helped the Co-op flog 16m mince pies and 500,000 litres of Prosecco!

But we didn’t stop there! Oh no. We then got Co-op Members and colleagues together to deliver tens of thousands of Sharing Stockings full of Christmas goodies in their communities.


sales of seasonal lines alone accounted for more than £61m, 9% higher than last year

Co-op’s like-for-like sales growth over the last two weeks of December hit 6.2%, compared with 3.5% in the previous year