Cheapflights were flying under the radar, they wanted to become the first place people go when searching for a flight online.

But, in order to steal market share from the likes of Skyscanner and Kayak, they needed a relaunch of blockbuster proportions. So we created an epic campaign centred on the star behind the stars, real-life stuntman Jacob Tomuri.

He may travel the world to make the movie stars look good but, unlike them, he books his own travel, making him the perfect spokesperson for the brand. Our epic TV ad crashed onto screens and catapulted Cheapflights into people’s search bars, bagging a gold “Advertising campaign award of the year” at the TMAs. Mission complete.


500% increase in search volume

for Cheapflights

Increasing revenue & decreasing costsof traffic

drove the company valuation up to

£150 million

reaching a record500,000 website hits

in one day during the height of the campaign

leading to its eventual acquisition