It’s All In The Chase

It’s All In The Chase
24/05/2019 Billy

It’s All In The Chase


Field to bottle story

Chase Distillery is unique. They are the only distillery in the UK that create their spirits from scratch. They grow their potatoes on their farm in Herefordshire, then mash them, ferment them and then distill them, creating the world’s best tasting vodka & gin.

In 2019 Forever Beta created the first national brand campaign for Chase Distillery. We created a beautiful hand crafted world using a quirky collage technique. A technique that felt both contemporary, artistic and handmade just like the Chase spirits.

We enlisted the talents of animation director Anthony Farquhar-Smith famous for working with Wes Anderson as the lead animator on films such as Fantastic Mr Fox & Isles of Dogs.

Our films tell the distillery’s unique “Field to Bottle” story, capturing the quirky and eccentric beauty of the family farm and their products.

The campaign also featured beautifully crafted posters and print executions that are more reminiscent of pieces of art rather than advertising.

All the artistry and craft found on the Chase distillery went into this beautiful campaign. We’re really proud of the results.