Fresh as Hells

Fresh as Hells
09/07/2019 Billy

Fresh as Hells


Fresh thinking, fresh drinking

Following on from the success of ‘Hello Hells’ in 2018 – a campaign that helped Camden Town Brewery sell more beer than ever before in its history – we have created a new campaign for the brewery’s iconic lager, Camden Hells.

Under the stewardship of new Marketing Director, Andre Amaral, the campaign is the launch of a new brand platform ‘Fresh as Hells’ – one that brings to life a newly articulated brand positioning of ‘fresh thinking, fresh drinking’.

It’s rooted in the fact that Camden Hells was born out of the desire to bring some fresh thinking to a lager category that had become stale and commoditised. Hells is unpasteurised, unlike most lagers, meaning it has a clean, crisp and distinctive flavour. It’s also purposefully made to taste as if it’s fresh from the brewery. It’s literally a pint of fresh thinking (and fresh drinking).

The inspiration for the campaign itself came from the insight that ‘fresh’ actually means something different to everyone – from freshly squeezed juice, to the smell of freshly cut grass, to fresh bed sheets, to fresh ingredients and fresh flavour.

We created a suite of unique and distinctive OOH and digital assets that brought to life the idea of ‘Fresh as Hells’ – be that a freshly squeezed beer, fresh beer sheets or freshly rolled beer pasta.

It’s a campaign that’s as fresh as the beer itself – it’s Fresh as Hells.