B2B Trading Remixed

B2B Trading Remixed
13/01/2022 Forever Beta Uploads

 B2B Trading Remixed


B2B trading platform Zupa asked us to create a video that would introduce the brand and its products to customers…so we wrote them a rap (obviously). 


Our animated music video tells the story of how the Zupa trading platform makes it easier for people to know & grow their business; emphasising key lyrics with bold graphic elements from newly created brand guidelines. It also gave us the opportunity to launch the mascot characters we created to humanise the brand, and will feature across their comms moving forward. 


Rap artist Shemzy helped us bring the lyrics to life, resulting in a catchy song that shows off their new tone of voice and helps them stand out from the competition in an unexpected way. 


This video brings to life the new visual identity, brand strategy and marketing plan developed for them last year, helping to cement their identity as an ambitious, disruptive growing business.


Alan Fayolle, Group Managing Director at Forever Beta, said: “No matter how big or small the project, we always push for disruptive creative ideas that stick with consumers to deliver results for our clients. A B2B rap, why not?’


Ollie Brand, CEO at Zupa said: “Taking the opportunity to create something more disruptive in our sector was a no brainer. The team at Forever Beta are great and executed it to perfection, and it is nice to do something that people find entertaining, catchy and away from the mainstream, whilst illustrating what we do perfectly.”