Our newest client thinks we’re a snack

Our newest client thinks we’re a snack
27/01/2022 Forever Beta Uploads

Our newest client thinks we’re a snack


They used to be a bit of an animal… 


After a competitive pitch, we’ve been picked as the new lead strategic & creative agency for iconic British snack brand – Peperami.  


In this role we will refresh the brand for a new modern audience, refocusing their attitude to create a people-first approach. 


Launching soon, our cross-channel platform will allow the brand to speak with a consistent, ownable voice to modern day consumers, driving relevance, cut-through and sales. 


Time to roll up our sleeves & stock up the fridge. 


Pavan Chandra from Peperami, said: “The chemistry between my team and Forever Beta is fantastic, and we look forward to making our partnership even stronger and gaining brand fame with strong insightful strategic thinking, breakthrough creative communications and accelerating our brand growth.” 

Alan Fayolle from Forever Beta, said: “Peperami is such an acclaimed household brand with products that everyone knows and loves. With its expansion into different products, like Chicken Bites, and desire for innovative brand messaging, Forever Beta is thrilled to be partnering with them to drive forward the new modern creative vision.”