Would you get cats’ eyes to save the planet?

Would you get cats’ eyes to save the planet?
20/05/2020 Forever Beta Uploads

Would you get cats’ eyes to save the planet?


Beta Alliance launches the next installment of their mini-documentary series for cybersecurity brand Kaspersky.  

In the latest episode of the Imagine Beyond series, “Imagine Beyond: What if?” six families are asked to debate the real-life consequences of having their bodies changed by technology. Dr. Vivienne Ming, artificial intelligence expert and self-proclaimed “mad scientist”, and Dr Matthew Liao, the Director of the Centre for Bioethics at New York University, both feature, posing thought-provoking questions for the families to discuss.
This episode is the fourth in the “Imagine Beyond” series created by Beta Alliance to feature on Kaspersky’s Tomorrow Unlocked content platform.

Marco Preuss, Director, Global Research & Analysis Team, Europe and the presenter of the series, said: “Not many people are aware of what is achievable with technology right now, or the ethical debates it creates. To see real people discovering this and debating whether they would change their bodies is amazingly eye-opening. And that is the purpose of this series: to unlock a realistic forecast of our tomorrow, provoke viewers’ thoughts and excite them to imagine beyond.”

Beta Alliance’s Executive Director Jack Simcock said: “Imagine Beyond shows audiences how the lines between technology and humanity are blurring. Fascinating subjects like these truly put audiences first to earn their attention and build brands that matter while, in this case, raising awareness of Kaspersky’s role in securing the technology of the future.”

Watch more of the series here: https://youtu.be/5GMLhhu-8t4