Peperami Wedding

Peperami Wedding
17/08/2022 Forever Beta Uploads

Forever Beta x Peperami Wedding


We all go a bit Peperami sometimes. Whether it’s getting a crazy haircut, skinny dipping, or doing a flash mob, we Brits all have a moment where we let loose, and shake things up.

So with the season upon us, it made complete sense to shake up a wedding! We created a bonkers, meat-based extravaganza.

Weddings are absolutely chocked full of conventions, which made it the perfect opportunity to twist traditions, and go a bit Peperami.

We put a simple offer out on social media: who wants to get married at a Peperami wedding?

And we found the perfect couple: Frankie and Luke.

No matter the crazy suggestions, they went with us on everything. So when we organised a big green wedding dress, a catapult for the bouquet toss, and an Animal wedding cake, they jumped into it all feet first.

Paulo Areas, Chief Creative Officer at Forever Beta said: This was a wedding like no other. Once we decided we were going to do it for real, we knew we needed a couple that would really go a bit Peperami. And when we found Frankie and Luke, we knew we could really bring it to life.