Forever Beta x The Big Issue strut La Croisette

Forever Beta x The Big Issue strut La Croisette
12/07/2022 Forever Beta Uploads

Forever Beta x The Big Issue strut La Croisette


The Big Issue is available on countless streets across the UK, supporting homeless and vulnerable people. Now, it can add the infamous Cannes promenade to the map. Forever Beta recently brought home a Cannes Lion for our inaugural Big Issue campaign, ‘I’m Here’.

Forever Beta launched the campaign to support Big Issue vendors after the difficulties they have faced over the last two years.

“I’m Here” draws attention to Big Issue vendors, reconnecting them with their local community using technology. Using personalised billboards, the campaign lets everyone know when their vendor is at their pitch, giving them the biggest voice possible.

Paulo Areas, Chief Creative Officer at Forever Beta said: “The past couple of years have been challenging for The Big Issue, especially for vendors. Our campaign uses technology to remind vendors’ communities that they’re still there, in the biggest way possible.”

“We started by redesigning the iconic red Big Issue vest to incorporate a geolocation beacon that allows vendors to interact with outdoor media in a whole new way. Whenever a vendor walks by a billboard, the tech serves a personal message from a giant, video-version of the vendors.

“When a vendor is away from their pitch, we use our billboard to let people know exactly where they are – pointing passers-by in the right direction. Every vendor becomes a powerful advertisement, increasing their reach and visibility – and letting everyone know that they can buy this week’s copy of The Big Issue from the vendor.”