Introducing KlarnaSense

Introducing KlarnaSense
10/07/2020 Forever Beta Uploads



This campaign is a celebration of shopping in its smooothest form. We’re helping consumers to make sure they always shop for the right things for them so that they can safely avoid that dreaded feeling of purchase regret. 

Sometimes we all get seduced by the wrong product when we’re shopping; maybe it’s bigger than the one we already have, or newer, or shinier. But at Klarna we’re about smart shopping – or as we like to call it, shopping with KlarnaSense. 

Our challenge was to deliver this responsible message but in a fun and original way that felt true to the spirit of Klarna –  the most distinctive and disruptive brand in the category by a country mile. 

Producing something under lockdown was an interesting experience for us. As a team we were determined to do something different from the abundance of UGC and stock ad’s we’ve all seen. Teaming up with Friends Electric, we found a way to keep the sprit of a shoot with real performances, all while adhering to strict lockdown rules.

We produced TV, social and digital display assets for the campaign. These all drive to the KlarnaSense Hub where we’ll have further content to help consumers learn how to shop responsibly.

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