Play fast, stay safe

Play fast, stay safe
05/08/2020 Forever Beta Uploads

We broke the speedrunning World Record with Gaming Mode: ON


PC Gamers believe cybersecurity will slow down the performance of their computers and so don’t bother protecting them. The challenge to the Beta Alliance team was to prove that with Kaspersky Gaming Mode you can play fast and stay safe.

We turned to a community of gamers called speedrunners, who run games as fast as possible. This subculture of gamers are the perfect ones to prove the Kaspersky product doesn’t slow you down by getting them to break the Doom Eternal Speedrun World Record. And we wanted to do it live.

Partnering with ESA we ran an open competition to find the 7 fastest runners from across the globe before putting them head to head over a 14hrs Live Twitch Speedrunning marathon. Tens of thousands of gaming fans watched on as Xiae, a speedrunner in Baltimore USA, smashed the record by over a minute, proving you can play fast and stay safe.


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