Pay you later, alligator

Pay you later, alligator
23/09/2019 Billy

Pay you later, alligator


Get payment empowerment with Klarna

Klarna have already made a name for themselves across Europe with their revolutionary ‘pay later’ platform. Their ‘Get Smoooth’ campaign featuring Snoop Dogg has seen them grow to 60 million users. Their only problem was that some potential customers didn’t understand how Klarna works.

We needed to explain the Klarna offer in a simple, fun way that would stick in customers’ minds. So we began by asking what the real benefit of Klarna is. The answer was ‘Payment Empowerment’ – allowing consumers to get smooth by shopping and paying on their own terms.

We turned this insight into something more memorable by hijacking a popular rhyming mnemonic, ‘see you later, alligator’, and adapting it to explain Klarna’s pay later service. This playfully explained the offer while letting us show off some of the top brands that have partnered with Klarna.

The campaign was brought to life as OOH across major transport links in London and shopping locations across the UK, resulting in a smoooth and successful outcome for all involved. We’re really excited to be working with Klarna to make sure that the payment revolution keeps making waves.