Next stop Mars…

Next stop Mars…
02/03/2020 Billy

Next stop Mars…


In a bid to be the first agency in Mars, we have offered Elon Musk a 5% share of Forever Beta in the hope of hitching a ride to the Red Planet.

The legal paperwork is done, the ‘E’ from our Forever Beta sign is winging its way to him as an offering and show of our commitment. All that remains is to see if he’s in.

To quote Chief Creative Officers Paulo Areas

“Some of the most enduring life-changing ideas have blasted into our consciousness not because someone asked “why?” but because someone asked “why not?”. As much as we can predict and plan, let’s not forget the greatness of daring. At any scale.

“If Elon Musk and his rockets can get us to Mars, we can be the first agency up there. Why not?”