Forever Beta wins Mambu

Forever Beta wins Mambu
24/02/2021 Forever Beta Uploads

Forever Beta wins Mambu


Mambu, the cloud-native core banking platform, has appointed Forever Beta as its global brand and creative agency.

Mambu created the concept of composable banking, which allows customers to create the banking experience that is best suited to them without being tied to a specific vendor, product or technology. 

The need for digital banking and financial services has increased during the pandemic and Mambu has attracted the interest of a market looking for new solutions. At the beginning of January, Mambu announced a valuation of 1.7B EUR off the back of 110M EUR funding round. Mambu is the latest financial technology company to achieve the coveted status of ‘unicorn’.
 Forever Beta will kick off the partnership with Mambu by developing a creative strategy and identity, defining the brand’s position in the financial technology sector, while helping to expand its reach globally.  

 Al Fayolle, Group Managing Director at Forever Beta, said: “We always strive to work with client partners that share our belief that business needs to remain in a state of forever beta while driving their categories forward. This is exactly what Mambu does through its game-changing composable banking platform. It’s an exciting step towards an innovative future that we are honoured to be a part of.”

 Laurel Wolfe, VP Marketing, at Mambu, said: “We are fundamentally changing how banks and financial services are built – and the end user experience. So we turned to an equally forward-thinking agency, Forever Beta, to help evolve our Mambu brand. Forever Beta will bring a unique perspective to our creative strategy and direction. And, having worked together on previous projects during my career, I know the Forever Beta team goes above and beyond to create salient, interesting work.