Finding England’s winning edge with Google Cloud

Finding England’s winning edge with Google Cloud
06/07/2022 Forever Beta Uploads

Finding England’s winning edge for EURO 22’ with Google Cloud


The Lionesses may be putting in the hours on the training pitch. But, Forever Beta has been hard at work too, helping Google Cloud create a new campaign to show football fans that data may be the key to an England win in 2022.

Created in partnership with WING London, our film features professional footballers Georgia Stanway, Jess Carter and Nikita Parris, being duplicated and multiplied during a training session. The effect creates ‘data chaos’. An overwhelming amount of performance information data. Google Cloud then explains how their products help the FA distil winning insights from the chaos. Helping any team find their quality touch.

Paulo Areas, Chief Creative Officer said “Many modern businesses know that to thrive, they need data. But, it’s not about how much you have. It’s how you use it. The Google Cloud x The FA partnership was the perfect opportunity to bring this idea to life in a fresh and unexpected way.”

Robin Gadsby, CEO said: “Throughout our long-running partnership with Google Cloud and The FA we always aim to show off the sophisticated technology behind the game in a way that consumers can understand. This video is a prime example of bringing the latest data innovations to life clearly.”