Build Me Somebody To Love

Build Me Somebody To Love
15/01/2021 Forever Beta Uploads

Build Me Somebody To Love


Produced in house, Beta Alliance presents Episode Two of the second season of Imagine Beyond. “Build me somebody to love” deals with the practical and ethical implications of humans’ developing relationships with technology. 

From the world’s first robot brothel to the visionaries who want to revolutionise elderly care, human to human contact may soon be replaced in a variety of ways. Will it be possible and morally okay to have a romantic relationship with a robot? And how will it change us? 

To support the documentary and drive people to the film, the Beta Alliance team worked with two adult entertainment influencers, Stoya and Jessa Jordan. Each was interviewed on their Instagram channel by VR porn avatar (and star of our documentary) Sylvia, discussing the implications of evolving technology for adult entertainment.

Watch “Build me somebody to love” here.

Please be aware the documentary contains adult themes, so isn’t suitable for all viewers.

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