Beta Alliance wins four clients in first year

Beta Alliance wins four clients in first year
12/06/2020 Forever Beta Uploads

Beta Alliance wins four clients in first year 


Our Beta Alliance team celebrate winning four clients in their first year of trading 

This week our sister agency Beta Alliance celebrated their 1 year anniversary. The team of data analysts, creative producers and media performance specialists set out to change digital advertising to make it a more enjoyable and effective experience for both audiences and clients. Since launching their audience-first approach they have won cybersecurity business Kaspersky, Monzo, Asics and Brew Republic, a new direct to consumer beer subscription service. 

In their first year of trading the team have delivered campaigns that simultaneously build brands and drive sales in 15 global markets. They create content ranging from documentary series featuring nobel prizes winners, the story of a day in the life of your data and targeted ads that build consistent paths to purchase that people are more interested to follow. 

With trust in media agencies in continual decline, Beta Alliance track and measure the full funnel of creative assets and website actions then present performance data in live dashboards. This gives clients a real time view on which parts of their campaigns are working and which need improvement, building an alliance based on transparency and a shared focus on growth. 

The business was founded by our CEO Robin Gadsby and Jack Simcock, previously Head of Strategy & Planning at content agency Telegraph Hill whose clients included The BBC, Red Bull and Facebook. 

CEO of Forever Beta Group Robin Gadsby said, “We’re seeing a growing need for teams that rebuild the processes of advertising to deliver the growth clients expect while working collaboratively with them. The Beta Alliance team solve digital and content business problems by harnessing the power of big, brave optimised creative to build long term brand value while delivering short term profit concurrently, which is exciting.”

Rob Langford, Head of Content and Activation at Kaspersky said, “We’re on a mission to build a more future facing brand. Working with the Beta Alliance team has helped us see the value of investing in new ways of working, underpinned with bold creative that our audiences are interested in.”

Jack Simcock, Executive Director of Beta Alliance said, “We’re targeting people with creative that works hard to appeal to them on their terms, while looking ahead to a moment in the near future when digital media buying becomes autonomous and AI distributes creative at new scale, speed and efficiency. When that happens the big questions are what skill sets do you need and how does creative keep up?”

About Beta Alliance 

Beta Alliance is Forever Beta’s next generation digital content agency who use data analysis, creativity, in house production and media performance to build brands and drive direct response online.