Google IT

Let’s get

It’s time to welcome personal
devices to work

Down to business

We were given the challenge of persuading IT Managers to ‘Go Google’. Touching on the business benefits of Google for Work, we gave them all the information they needed to spread the Google word across their business.


Bringing sexy back

We created a memorable global campaign highlighting the growing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend and Google for Work.

This was a great example of working in the Today & Tomorrow. We created a short term comms solution whilst developing a longer term insight and creative platform.

Our ‘Heigh Ho’ advert, showing the individuality of personal devices through different cases, brought a fresh dollop of fun and personality to a sector that’s typically seen as uninspiring.

In safe hands

One of the worries for IT Managers is security. To address this we created a suite of ads and comms materials to let them know they had nothing to worry about.

Going, going, gone Google

As well as some very delighted SMB stakeholders, the campaign proved a success on several scales. Over 5 million businesses have ‘gone Google’ so far and ‘Heigh Ho’ received over 3 million views, with an average viewing time of 29 seconds.

With the popularity of BYOD growing, it’s never been easier to ‘welcome personal devices to work’.

Now that IT Managers have all the information and the tools they need, they can go on and change their business for the better.