Google Game on

Getting our Game On

Making 2016 the best year ever for Google Partners by helping them outperform yesterday

The aim of the game

How do we get Google Partner Agencies to set new records? By motivating them to push business forward.

The best way to reach goals is to continuously work at getting stronger. So, we used the world of sport to inspire Partners to increase sales, improve product knowledge, boost their agency reputation and work better as a team. With the help of four ‘office athletes’ we encouraged and supported agencies as they won new clients and smashed growth targets.

Originally an EMEA only campaign, it has now been rolled out in 63 markets so far.


The game plan

Having developed ‘office athlete’ characters we’ve used them across film, DM’s, EDM’s and online as coaches for Partner Agencies, helping them grow every day.

Concept sketches
Character illustrations